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best rated free antivirus

What’s going on guys! This is a very special information assurance blog article for us, and hopefully you as well! We will be recommending the best rated free antivirus programs and tools that you can download all for free!

That’s right, no hidden costs, no hidden fee’s, no games, and no scams. Just purely free 5 amazing software security tools that you can get for just being your awesome selves and start using today! Oh, and did I mention and reiterate still that it is all for free!

We will give you everything you need to get to the software and download these awesome tools without any money or credit cards coming out of your pockets. We will point you directly to the links for these products.

Once you download them you can start learning how to use each one of these highly effective programs that are used to combat all types of nasty viruses and hackers.

These tools are very powerful when used together. They will help you tremendously in hardening your computer system to the best of its security capabilities.

What’s included is an antivirus protection program, ways to clean your computer system from all sorts of terrible viruses and programs, data backup and recovery, network monitoring and protection, website malware detection, and much more.

We hope you are as excited as us about these tools, because they are very special and dear to Cyberdefense Hub’s heart. We personally use these tools ourselves on an everyday basis, and they have performed a countless number of miracles in stopping malware threats, hackers, and the complete destruction of our computer systems.

So you might be asking, what are we waiting for? Let’s get us started in securing our network and computer systems!



The first tool on our list in totally securing your system as our best rated free antivirus software program is Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is a free anti-malware program that scans and removes malware from your computer such as:

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Rouge Security Software
  • Adware
  • Spyware

Why Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is free! It has the ability to rid your computer of almost any type of harmful malware, and you can download it for both a PC or Mac computer.

There is also a paid version that automatically updates Malwarebytes’ database, and scans your computer without you ever lifting a finger.

Where Can I Download Malwarebytes?



Next awesome tool on our best rated free antivirus program list, and should go hand and hand with Malwarbytes is CCleaner!

CCleaner’s free version cleans your computers registry and temporary internet files such as:

  • Internet Cookies
  • Browsing History
  • Memory Dumps
  • Log Files
  • Systems Caches
  • File Fragments
  • Recycle Bin

Why CCleaner?

By downloading the free version for your PC or Mac, you are able clean your computer’s files that are storing temporary information so that you may better protect your privacy. Malware also likes to hang out in temporary files stored on your computer.

CCleaner cleans these unwanted files up to finish the job on getting rid of those nasty viruses that are hiding in your computer.

CCleaner’s paid version automatically updates, has real-time monitoring, and can defragment your computer to run more smoother and faster.

Where Can I Download CCleaner?

Norton Safe Web

norton safe web

Norton Safe Web is a web browser plugin that is compatible with Internet Explorer version 6 and above, Firefox version 3 or later, and Google Chrome. It tells you if a website is malicious or not by 1 of 4 types of color indications:

  • Green – Means the website is safe to visit
  • Yellow/Orange – Means use caution when visiting the website, and don’t download any programs, or click on any strange looking links
  • Grey Question Mark – There is no information on whether this website is malicious or not?
  • Red – There is a possibility that this website is completely infected with malware programs and malicious links.

Why Norton Safe Web?

Norton Safe Web is strictly a plugin meant for your internet browsers as a toolbar. It is a great tool that can give information about a website, and detect if it’s malicious or not.

Norton Safe Web also has a community of users who give feedback on whether a website has suspicious activity, and the best part of all is, it’s completely free to install and use!

Where Can I Install Norton Safe Web?

***You can also type in a websites address in the search bar located at the Norton Safe Web link above to see if it’s malicious***

EaseUS Todo Backup

easeus todo backup

This tool is a beautiful additional for anyone who is looking to back up their data to feel safe and secure with their information.

EaseUS Todo Backup is able to backup your computer in case of a catastrophic evet that wipes out all of your important data. Components that can be backed up are :

  • Files
  • Hard Drives
  • Disks/Partitions
  • Systems

Why EaseUS Todo Backup?

If you are ever unlucky enough to go through a disastrous crises, such as getting a horrible piece of malware that completely wipes out all of your data, files, photos, or documents, then EaseUS Todo Backup is the tool that will be your saving grace.

If you use this tool before such an event to backup your files, or even clone your drives/partitions, then the chances of loosing your valuable data on your computer will be minimal. This software is free to download, and free to use!

There is a paid version, and that version offers additional features such as technical support, and having the ability to transfer your backed up system to another PC or VMware

Where Can I Download EaseUS Todo Backup?


cyber security courses wireshark

Finally, last but not least for our best rated free antivirus software is Wireshark. Now I know we have mentioned this nifty little packet sniffing tool on multiple occasions. I can’t stress this enough that if you want to master network security, then Wireshark will be the tool to get you to become a Jedi Master!

Wireshark is a network packet analyzing tool that allows you to analyze your internet network on a deep level. Wireshark is mostly used for:

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Internet Network Analysis
  • Software Protocol Development
  • Communications Protocol Development
  • Education

Why Wireshark?

A lot of security professionals use Wireshark as a go to tool for cyber defense. Wireshark can troubleshoot computers and firewalls to see if something isn’t working correctly regarding your internet connection.

The network packet analyzer can see deeply inside the network you are using to examine the details of that network and tell you about the data packets traveling to and from your computer. These features will allow you to track and see if someone is trying to hack into your computer, or send you malicious software.

Highly efficient for Internet and computer security!

Wireshark is free to download and use, and can be used for both Windows and Mac computers.

Where Can I Download Wireshark?

So, do you agree with our list of tools for our best rated free antivirus programs to seriously harden your system? What tools do you use for your PC, Mac, or business? Please leave comments below and let us know what you think?



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