5 Easy Computer Hacking Tricks!

computer hacking tricks

What’s going on everyone! In this tutorial we will be showing you 5 pretty cool computer hacking tricks. Now I just want to write a disclaimer before we start. What we are about to show you should not be used on anyone! This article is strictly for educational purposes only.

You might be asking yourself on why we are showing some computer hacking tricks. The answer is simple. We want you to be able to have a reverse engineering mindset. What that means is this. Knowing how to hack will also teach you how to prevent your information from being hacked.

There are many resources out there including many classes that can teach you all about cyberdefense. However, if you don’t understand how hackers are stealing your information and wreaking havoc on your computer, then you are more likely to succumb to getting your stuff stolen online.

So let’s get started, shall we!:

1. Social Engineering

What is social engineering you might ask? It doesn’t just pertain to technology and using it for computer hacking tricks. Social engineering is a technique in using technology, psychology, and manipulation to squeeze information out of someone.

A prime example of a former criminal who used social engineering was Kevin Mitnick. He is now a consultant in cyber security getting paid big bucks by the FBI. The point of me referring to him is that he used phishing techniques by calling corporations and people up over the phone to get information out of them. He pretended to be someone he’s not.

Through the use of a social engineering strategy, Kevin Mitnick was able to steal passwords, social security numbers, and credit card information over the phone. From there he used this information to break into victims private computers, and other types of safeguards that protect personal data.

There is a pretty cool online tool that can generate all types of fake information. The information generated will give you a completely new identity including a fake address, social security number, and a fictitious credit card number. If you want to create a new identity for social engineering, just click on the anchor text I just linked to. Again, I want to stress that this tool is for educational purposes only!

2. Email Spoofing

If you don’t know what spear phishing is, and have not read our email spoofing article, check it out. This will set the tone and give you a base line knowledge on what it is.

To rehash on this subject a little, email spoofing is basically cloning an email address that already exists. It may even be someone you already know. You send this spoofed email out to a victim in order to execute something called a spear phishing attack. These attacks try and squeeze important information out of someone, and can be a form of social engineering.

So, how do you create a spoofed email address and use a spear phishing attack to steal information? Were glad you asked! There are tons of free software programs out there available for download. You can even use online tools that don’t require any sort of downloading to create a fake email address.

One online tool that you can use is called send email. You can use this free online tool to clone an email address that already exists. You can then use this cloned email as a gag to prank someone you may know. However, this tool can be used to steal information. I hope you now know how hackers create spoofed emails to try and take important data that’s not theirs.

3. Command Line

Windows command prompt. Learn it, live it, breath it! If you can master the command prompt in windows, then you will not only know how to generate computer hacking tricks, but you will understand more in depth how computers actually work. You will also really know how hackers gain entry into restricted areas of your computer and or network.

The command line is a highly useful tool. If you ever get hit hard with a nasty computer virus, the command line is capable of shutting down all programs on you computer. You can then work manually to get rid of a virus that is infecting your computer. However, it takes time to master.

If order to open your command line, just go to your Windows start menu. From there, type in the letters “cmd”. After you see the command line program, just click on it and open it.

So I am not going to reinvent the wheel by adding screen shots or my own self made video on how to open the command line. Here I am linking to a short video on how to open the command prompt. This works very similarly for any windows computer. So whether you have Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or whatever, this will work on any of the Windows operating systems.

Hopefully this article will get you more interested in learning how to use the Windows command line tool, because it is extremely, and I mean very EXTREMELY valuable to know!

4. Ping Command

So in this computer hacking tricks tutorial, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t even show you one cool trick with the command line.

Now that you know how to open the command line prompt, type these characters in exactly, “ping google.com”. The ping command will call out to Google’s website, and Google will talk back to your computer. If you notice that after pinging Google you will see something that says packets sent, and packets received. What this means is this; packets are like little packages of information about the internet traffic going to and from computer to computer, or network to network. It is basically all the important information about your internet traffic.

Packets are what computers use to send and receive information, and that information in the packets tell the network where to send the traffic conversations. Hackers can use packet analyzers to do some serious damage to your computer or network. This why the ping command can be useful for a hacking attack and or use of cyberdefense.

5. Brute Force Attack

Brute force attack is a perfect representation of a word when it comes to computer hacking tricks. This type of hacking technique uses a computer program capable of cracking online passwords and usernames to websites. Is there any need to explain more?

The simplistic explanation on how a brute force attack works is this. The program goes through millions of words in a second that are dictionary words in order to guess phrases and letters of a password that you are using online. It deciphers each letter and finally words to figure out what your username or password is. If you are interested in experimenting with this type of tool, then you can download brute force attack software.

If you decide to download this, I highly advise to not go around and crack passwords to websites that aren’t yours! If you get caught cracking passwords and usernames to websites, you can be charged with a felony. Cracking passwords is no different then breaking into someones home, so tread very carefully with the use of this tool. Remember, you may be charged with a breaking and entering criminal action, so don’t do it!

We hope you enjoyed our computer hacking tricks tutorial. Cyberdefense would always like to know what hacks you know, and would like to share. Please leave comments below and share your cyber security knowledge. It’s valuable to everyone!



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