5 Awesome Cyber Security Courses For Beginners!

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There isn’t enough cyberdefense knowledge that the general public has when it comes to cyber security. The topic itself on computer technology is either too difficult to understand, or only IT professionals are interested in this type of stuff. It doesn’t have to be this way! The common man or woman can learn about cyberdefense, which is why CDH has outlined 5 Cyber Security Courses that the average person should look into taking. These courses will consist of gaining a better awareness in the cyberdefense arena.

For the sake of trying to stay unique, I will not mention any of the typical CompTIA certification courses such as A +, Network +, Security +, Server +, CASP, CTT +, and Linux +.

If you are unfamiliar with the certifications that I listed above, you can check out CompTIA’s website.

I will also not be mentioning the CISSP certification which stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional which is run by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC). Again, if you are interested in obtaining a CISSP certification you can visit their website.

Before we dive into learning about which cyberdefense courses that we recommend, lets cover some news articles related to this topic first.

Cyber Security Courses to Stop Hackers

Just recently, I saw in the news that Valley College is offering a newly designed associates degree in cyberdefense. Valley College has three separate campuses that are offering this degree. The campuses are located in Princeton, Martinsburg, and Beckley. Valley College and their campuses are located in West Virginia in case you were wondering. This new cyberdefense program offers online courses as well in case you live too far away too attend.

From what I gathered from this news article was that one of the main reasons Valley College started this program is because West Virginia is still very close to our nations capitol, Washington D.C. The cyberdefense field is growing in Washington D.C. and is currently in demand!  Also the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that cyberdefense jobs will grow at about an 18% growth rate for the next 10 years. That’s great news for those seeking to enter into the cyberdefense field!

I don’t want to go too in depth on this news article which is why I am linking to it so you can read more about it if interested.

$10 Million Dollars poured into Cyber Security Courses

Another article I want to touch up on, and looks like good news for computer hacking enthusiasts looking to break into the field, is an article about the company Cisco. Cisco feels that there is a major shortage of cyber security professionals. They have decided to spend over $10 million dollars to pay for free scholarships globally. This Cisco security certification will take around three months to complete if anyone is interested.

The reason why Cisco is making this investment is because over 80 percent of companies all around the world cannot find cyberdefense professionals with  the talent to be able to secure online, and offline information.

In order to be eligible to sign up for this free training course, there are some requirements that must be met. You can read all about these cyber security classes and news article to the link provided.

So enough about the news already! Let’s talk about the topics you came here for anyway. I have outlined some recommended courses that you should look into to really help you define your cyberdefense knowledge.

Course 1: Wireshark

cyber security courses wireshark

What the heck is Wireshark you might ask, a great white with a wire stick in its teeth? If you subscribed to my news letters, and received my free recommended cyberdefense tools, then you would know what Wireshark is. However, if you are not on my news letter list and would like to know what Wireshark is, then you are in luck, because I am going to explain what it is here in this blog post anyway!

In a nutshell, Wireshark is a networking analyzing tool. How simple was that explanation! No seriously that’s all it is, but there is more than meets the eye to this application, trust me!

So for those of you who are not familiar with computers and networks, let me explain a little about what a computer network is. Computer networks are a bunch of computers hooked up to each other, and talk to each other through the internet much like people do through a phone line. Below is a picture to give you a better understanding on what a computer network looks like in it’s most simplistic form.

cyber security courses internet

Since Wireshark is a software tool that you can download for free and use, it is a perfect solution for anybody looking to learn more about network packet analyzers. Wireshark is capable of seeing what traffic is going to your computer, and vice versa. It is also able to see all the data traffic leaving your computer as well.

Being able to view all of the internet traffic  coming to and from your computer network is super important for network security. Not only can you block a cyber attack coming, if you know what to look for, but you can also track where the attacker is coming from as well.

Wireshark actually offers an online course for about $700 bucks. You will learn everything from basic to advanced on how to utilize this tool along with packet analyzing techniques. If this is a class your interested in, you can check it out on the Wireshark University website.

Course 2: Snort – Securing Cisco Networks

cyber security courses snort

If you have never heard of Snort, then I will explain a little bit about what this program is. Snort is similar to Wirshark as in it can analyze a network through a technology called packet sniffing. However, Snort is not just a network analyzing tool, it is an intrusion detection system. Intrusion detection systems are able to oversee a computer network to spot hacker activity.  So basically if someone is trying to send you a virus, Snort will recognize this attack and alert you, the user, that someone is trying to hack into your network or computer.

You have to manually program Snort through something called rule sets. These rule sets tell Snort what to look for and block when it comes to analyzing traffic that is coming to and from your computer.

You can download and use Snort for free along with the program’s rule sets before you register for any snort courses.

The company Cisco offers two Snort classes, and here is the curriculum to the first Snort course which is only about 4 days long.

Course 3: Snort Rules Writing

Above, I mentioned only one Snort course that you can register for if your interested in learning more about this program. The first course will basically teach you how to secure a network using Snort technology, which is highly valuable in our opinion.

The second course is also offered by Cisco, and teaches you how to write rules for Snort, and implement the best practices for these techniques. You can register for this rule writing course on this webpage. The duration of the course is only three days long. Also, here is the curriculum to the Snort rules writing class.


Course 4: UMUC Cyber Security Courses

This is not a course per say, but it is an entire degree curriculum. The University of Maryland Schooling system has a fantastic cyber security degree program for anyone looking to further their career and knowledge in the cyberdefense field.

Check out University of Maryland University College (UMUC’s) cyber security courses. This is a very reputable school because like Valley College in the news article that I mentioned above, UMUC is very close to our nations capitol. Washington D.C. is a prime location for cyberdefense candidates because of how in demand this profession is becoming!


Course 5: Cyber Security Education from ESET

I actually stumbled upon this fun little class while browsing the web for cyber security courses. Apparently this company ESET is U.S. based business that sells antivirus software. It looks like they put together an interactive game that is a free online course that anyone can register for.

The course is an interactive education based game that teaches you, the user on how to become more cyber security aware. You play the role as a cyberdefense superhero trying to protect people against hackers.

During the training of this game based course, you learn how to utilize firewalls, implement physical security, update software, learn email security, use strong passwords, and so on. I would highly recommend checking this game/course out, especially if you are not familiar with cyberdefense and modern technology. Heck, I would even recommend it to IT professionals as well! It can never hurt to refresh on basic concepts, especially in a fun way.

If you want to check out these fun Cyber security courses online, just click here!

We hope you enjoyed our recommended list on what courses you should look into to learn more about cyberdefense. We worked hard in researching this and not giving you the same old boring and typical list of cyber security courses and certifications.

Please leave your comments below and share what you think the best classes are when it comes to learning about cyber security.



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