Pokemon Go Security Risks

pokemon go security risks

With the sudden rise of the popular phenomenon known as Pokemon go, it has certainly become one of the biggest overnight video game sensations of all time, which is why we will be discussing Pokemon Go security risks.

Due to this major world event in the Pokemon and gaming world, there are bound to be major cyber security issues. We will be outlining Pokemon Go’s top 5 security risks that you need to be aware of!

1: Full Google Access

When you download the Pokemon Go app, it asks for and requests full access permission to your google account during the creation process.

Why this is bad? If an app is collecting full access to your google account, then it has access to everything google related to that user.

Google Plus, Gmail, Google Analytics, YouTube, Adsense, Blogger, Google Photos and much more. Google is a gigantic monster that owns a lot of ventures. If you have a lot of Google accounts whether you are a personal user or a business, all that information is susceptible to easy access all through the Pokemon Go app.

This full access makes it easier for someone to collect more information about you if they are trying to hack into your personal data making this one of many Pokemon Go security risks.

2: Hidden Malware

With the popularity of the Pokemon Go app, many people are going to be looking for ways to download this amazingly fun game.

There are a lot of malicious websites out there that will take the opportunity to allow you to download the app, but at one major cost. That major cost is hiding malware within the download. As we talked about in an earlier article, one could download a program with the intent of a DDoS attack.

If you decide to Download Pokemon Go, make sure that you visit a legit website and or an official vendor on where you can get the app.

3: Trespassing

There are some loose rumors going about that Pokemon Go players have gotten arrested for wandering into territories that they should not be.

Since this game allows players to reenact their child hood by physically going out and actually capturing real live Pokemon virtually of course, it is a good possibly they could accidentally walk onto private property.

I actually heard that two Pokemon Go players were searching for Pokemon on foot, and somehow wound their way up on a Top Secret U.S. Federal installation. Since it looked like they were spying on the installation with their phones, they were arrested for trespassing and suspicious activity on private federal property.

Now whether this rumor is true or not, be careful on where you end up and play Pokemon go. You could end up in court for trespassing on somewhere you aren’t suppose to be.

4: Geo Location Concerns

If you have already downloaded the Pokemon Go app, and are blissfully playing this game everyday, then you will understand what I am talking about here.

Pokemon Go allows the app to capture and know the players location through GPS technology.

This can be a major concern because if hackers find a way to break into the app somehow, they will be able to pinpoint a users location at anytime. An example on how you can use this for criminal purposes is that if you know your victims location, then you can take numerous opportunities to commit all types of unlawful acts.

All I am saying here is just be cautious in knowing that your location is being tracked through the use of this app. Since many people are playing this game all over the world, someone, someway, somehow will use this opportunity for criminal purposes.

5: Webcam Spying

If you own a webcam, which mostly every does these days, then you are certainly at risk for being spied on.

Since webcam technology is intimately integrated into the Pokemon Go app in order for the game to work effectively, hackers will have an even more of a chance to break into your iPhone and spy on you through the use of your webcam.

Webcam spying can be, and is an actually reality. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t want someone breaking into my iPhone webcam and watching me play Pokemon Go hours on end.

Download Pokemon Go, Malware Free!

Just to keep you safe in downloading Pokemon Go from any crazy viruses, we have decided to provide you with the official links to download and start playing this awesomely fun game!

Here is Apples iPhone download, and here is Pokemon Go for Android users. Enjoy!

That pretty much wraps up our Pokemon Go security risks so far. What have been your experiences with this app? Have you encountered any cyber security risks yet? Please leave comments below and tell us what you think?



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