Security Measures Biometrics Authentication

security measures biometrics authentication

If there is never a better time to say that the future is now, this is the time to say it! The blurred lines of humans and machines in an ever changing technological world is beginning to happen at a fast rate. Security measures biometrics authentication systems seem like it will become a new reality for humanity in the near future.

Although I can’t predict our technological future for certain, but biometrics is starting to integrate into our modern day security systems. So, what is biometrics you might ask?

The formal definition refers to human related characteristics that can authenticate security systems as a form of access control. Basically the simplistic way to explain biometrics is that your human body parts will be used as a security device for access control to certain types of systems.

Biometrics can include your eyes, hands, facial structure, voice tone, and other body parts to log onto a computer system. I just recently bought a Hewlett Packard labtop, and it has a cool neat little security feature that involves using a fingerprint scanner to log onto my desktop.

The use of using my body parts such as my fingerprints to log onto my laptop is a solid example of Hewlett Packard using personal security measures biometrics authentication. Without my fingerprints I would not be able to log into my desktop.

Biometrics Is Everywhere!

There are various types of biometrics devices used to authenticate a user to get onto a system or network. In this article we will be discussing the various types of ways that biometrics can use your body parts for cyber security, and the protection of personal and valuable data, but first here is a cool video explanation on how biometrics works.

So, lets dive in and talk about how your human body parts can be used to authenticate security measures, and how it could affect your life in the near future.

Fingerprints Recognition

I already briefly mentioned this type of authentication method earlier in this blog post. Fingerprint recognition is becoming one of the most widely used biometrics methods for personal users.

How it works is like this. Fingerprints scanners are able to get an image of your fingerprint. The biometrics device is able to distinguish the patterns on the tip of your finger.

Since everyone in the world has a different pattern on their finger tip, the machine that scans it is able to recognize that pattern and store that memory of it in a central database.

This is a basic way that law enforcement agencies are able to conduct crime scenes. Everyone in the America has certainly had their fingerprints scanned at one point or another. This makes it easy to identity someone anywhere, anytime!

Retina Scans

Retina scans are a type of biometric technique that can detect the patterns of an individuals retina blood vessels.

Human tissue in the eye is made up of neural cells that are in the posterior part of the eyeball. All of these tissue cells are unique and different in every single person.

We may see this device method pop more in the near future for law enforcement and government agencies to use as an identification method.

Iris Scans

Similar to the retina scan as it targets near the eyes, iris scans can distinguish the patterns of the iris in someones eyeballs.

Eye balls are made up of very complex patterns. These patterns are different for everyone. You have probably seen this type of biometric device being used in science fiction movies which makes it all the much more cooler!

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is very unique due to the fact that it can authenticate a person just by the sound and patters of their vocal cords.

A persons vocal sounds and patterns are very difficult to copy. This makes this type of method an ideal candidate for cyber security.

Facial Recognition

I have read in the past that Facebook was looking to implement facial recognition software within their business structure for the end user.

What facial recognition biometrics is able to do is capture facial features on an individual and pick that persons identity out of a crowd. Believe it or not, casinos all over America use facial recognition software.

Casinos are always trying to keep track of who walks in and out of their establishment so they can better protect their assets. Also most airports are probably using facial recognition methods as well to track possible terrorist planning an attack on the general public.

Just to briefly describe how all this works, facial recognition algorithms are used and capable of identifying landmarks and features on a persons face. These algorithms are the core of how this technology works.

Signature Recognition

Although there are may other biometric devices and methods used to recognize people, I will describe one more type of practice that utilizes security measures biometrics authentication.

Signature recognition is the ability to identify a person just by the way they write their name through a signature block. It is a form of behavioral biometrics.

A signature recognition biometrics device is capable of analyzing and picking out the size, shape, and writing style on almost any individual. Since almost everyone in the world has a unique and different form of hand writing style, this method has proven to be an effective authentication practice in the past.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about security measures biometrics authentication. Please leave a comment and share your knowledge and experience on various types of authentication methods. Does your work use them, or do you use biometrics devices yourself?

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