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Cyber Security Attacks

Cyber security attacks on common users, business owners, and government are costing the U.S. between $300 Billion to $1 Trillion a year.

Hackers who utilize their attacks have over a 200 day time window before their attacks are discovered.

Since 2014, these cyber attacks have risen over 38% in frequency.

Anyone who owns a computer, or device that connects to the internet is at risk for being hacked!

Hacking Methods

Cyber security attacks that hackers may use to steal your data are:

- Spear Phishing Attacks
- Trojan Horse Programs
- Social Engineering
- Brute Force Attacks
- And Much More...

Cyberdefense Hub

Cyberdefense Hub (CDH) is dedicated to building a knowledgeable community of internet and computer users in regards to information security. Learning how to better defend against cyber security attacks and keeping your personal data from getting stolen online is absolutely crucial to learn in our fast pace, ever changing technological society.

We are working to become a central hub for advanced IT Security Professionals, and or users who know nothing about how their computer, or the internet works.



Current Events

CDH will keep up with current events on the latest cyber security attacks, and share methods on how to defend against these attacks. We will explain information security practices in the most simplistic way to teach others on how to defend against these threats. Anyone who owns a computer, or has access to the internet is welcome to join our community here at Cyber Defense Hub, so please subscribe to become a part of our growing community!

We encourage collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge for all!

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